Why COVID-19 is providing the perfect opportunity to test your defenses

Sharon Holland

We have always advocated DDoS testing your systems on a regular basis on the premise that it is no good waiting until you experience a DDoS attack to find out that the mitigation that you so diligently put in place doesn’t provide the protection you need.  But we know that many companies struggle to find the time to be able to run such tests.

Then Coronavirus COVID-19 arrived.  This has meant staff within most companies are being forced to work from home for social distancing reasons.  Focus has been diverted from protecting corporate systems to creating new environments to support remote workers.  Many workers may also be working reduced hours or curtailing certain activities which has resulted in a lower than normal load on many IT infrastructures.

Whilst this might seem useful in freeing up capacity and reducing maintenance requirements it also creates a number of issues.  Many detection and mitigation systems are designed to identify anomalies in activity to trigger alerts – which is something that will be happening a lot at the moment.  Office-based staff could be logging in from all over the country, from their own personal devices as well as work devices.   IT will be changing settings, reviewing access policies or having to keep up with constantly changing requirements.  This could result in vulnerabilities that had not previously existed.

Helping secure business continuity through the pandemic

Now that most home working setups have been put in place, the reduced load on your corporate LAN, or WAN or data centre infrastructure does create a window of opportunity to implement a DDoS testing exercise to ensure service validation and systems optimization.

In an effort to help secure business continuity, activereach is extending a helping hand to all organizations around the globe, at risk of attack. We will provide an initial consultation free of charge to discuss best options for validation of your organization’s network infrastructure and/or VPN security against DDoS attacks.

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Don’t wait for the real thing to happen, at best it will create significant disruption to your business (as if COVID-19 wasn’t enough) and at worse a DDoS or web application attack could bring down your entire system at the most inopportune time.  Especially if other critical businesses are depending on your services.  We have already seen the increase in phishing and malware attacks – cybercriminals are always ready waiting in the wings to take advantage of any opportunity – make sure you are not going to be one of their victims.

activereach is a specialist in DDoS Testing so give us a call us now on 0845 625 9025 to book a test and make sure you are fully protected or contact us to find out more.

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