Why Businesses are Turning to Professional Services to Deliver Digital Transformation

Organizations Feeling The Strain

Security breaches are on the rise and IT budgets are stretched. Staffing and skills are at a premium, with high levels of job vacancies and practitioners with sought-after skills being snapped up.

However organizations need to not just “keep the lights running” but also to develop their business.  The pandemic has meant more organizations need rapid roll-out of remote working and social mobility.  The need to compete with competitor organizations necessitates artificial intelligence and cloud development that can pose an increased challenge in the longer term.

Therefore effective systems integration is fundamental to maximising the business value from technology investments.  It can also transform the way organizations innovate and operate.

Harnessing Partner Power

The complexity of IT infrastructure and security services are growing at an increasing rate, so more than ever both large and small organisations are turning to trusted IT services partners and systems integrators to solve their problems and bridge any gaps in expertise and experience.

The needs of organizations can vary greatly and range from an integrated whole-business solution combining multiple technologies to an ad-hoc solution for a shorter-term need. Enterprises are finding that by working with a trusted services partner, they can improve business performance and ultimately build a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Partner Choice

With the input and support of a systems integrator being so vital to business success, it is important to make the right choice.  The ability to manage the entire technology lifecycle not only helps with current projects but ensures that as your needs increase, partner support is scalable.  Even if you don’t need an end-to-end service yet it is wise to ensure any partner can offer a range of services, not only supported by expertise and experience but by vendor support as well.  These services should include:

  • Systems integration
  • Installation & configuration
  • Pre-staging
  • Design consulting
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Helpdesk support
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Testing & service review

activereach Customer CarePack Portfolio

activereach’s CarePacks are tailored services designed to ensure you derive maximum value and impact from cloud and technology investments. We provide industry-leading Customer Care services as standard including regular Service Reviews and Training Programs. You can choose add-on CarePacks from our Standard and Advanced ranges based on your specific business and technology requirements.

Our mission is to ensure that all cloud services are fully utilized and optimized throughout the tech lifecycle.

Our CarePacks help clients fix skill shortages by overlaying skill and services from activereach, and enable the integration and automation of multi-vendor cloud services.

Download the datasheet to find out more. If you prefer to speak to someone give us a call on 0845 625 9025 to discuss how activereach can provide the partner support you are looking for.