The First Agentless and High Performance Micro-Segmentation For High Speed Networks

Over the past months since the COVID-19 pandemic first entered our lives and work from home transitioned from being a tentative reality to a necessity, organizations are moving faster to the cloud, but there are still a lot of applications and workloads that must remain on premises.

GuardicoreNvidia Integrated Micro-Segmentation Solution for Data Centres

activereach recognises that not every application can be or should be migrated to the cloud. Enterprises are seeking to address the challenge of protecting application workloads in high-speed and low latency networks such as in cases of high frequency trading, multi-tenant hosting with cloud providers, or management of third-party appliances.  Through activereach’s unique partnerships with data centre technology leaders Nvidia and Guardicore, we are able to offer a fully integrated solution for such use cases – delivering accelerated performance and functionality while providing secure segmentation capabilities for the “new data centre”.

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The need for agentless, high-performance micro-segmentation in data centres can now be delivered by our partners Guardicore, a leader in internal data centre and cloud security, and Nvidia, a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data centre servers and storage systems. The solution leverages both the Guardicore Centra security platform and Nvidia BlueField SmartNIC solutions to provide customers with hardware-embedded micro-segmentation security. This integration allows customers using BlueField SmartNICs to support micro-segmentation requirements for high speed networks or when other agent-based solutions cannot be used. The new solution is fully integrated and managed centrally by Guardicore Centra.

Demand is increasing for data centres that can keep pace with the speed, scale and security necessary to support digitally driven business with the growth of the global datasphere. Guardicore has long been committed to applying micro-segmentation techniques to help enterprise security teams cost-effectively reduce risk and limit the attack surface inside the data centre without impacting performance. Partnering with Nvidia to offer an integrated solution is a natural extension of the many use cases they already support and allows them to address another set of specific customer requirements to protect data in high-speed, complex environments.

Enhanced Visibility and Policy Enforcement Without Installing Agents

Agents are integrated into the BlueField SmartNIC in a manner fully isolated from the application workload, while also complying with strict regulations and embracing DevOps automation. As a high-speed SmartNIC, BlueField delivers unmatched performance that enforces micro-segmentation policies in 100Gb/s networks at full wire speed

Every Workload, Any Environment And At Any Scale

The solution runs on the Nvidia BlueField SmartNIC, considered a computer on its own, and not on the enterprise infrastructure. It uses hardware offload to support high-speed and low-latency requirements. Deploying Guardicore technology on BlueField provides protection without compromising either the host or the compliance regulations in any way. Additionally, running the Guardicore solution integrated on BlueField delivers unmatched enforcement performance – allowing or blocking traffic at wire speed and without any impact to server performance. The solution gives enterprises the freedom to deploy Guardicore on every workload in any environment and at any scale, including private, public and hybrid cloud instances, while supporting the following deployment options:

  • Agentless with BlueField SmartNIC – fully isolated from the host
  • Hybrid agent running on the compute node while taking advantage of the BlueField SmartNIC for hardware acceleration
  • Native the agent runs directly on the compute node on the host operating system or in a guest VM/container, which is the traditional type of deployment for microservices.

Improved Agility, Resiliency and Business Continuity

Environment and workload will determine the best deployment options. BlueField is perfectly positioned for bare-metal and Kubernetes deployments; running agents on the SmartNIC removes the need to deploy and maintain agents in these environments, enabling enterprise DevOps automation. BlueField also enhances the out-of-box experience for enterprises as they roll out microservices across their infrastructures, delivering improved agility, resiliency and business continuity.

“Our strategy of selecting complimentary technologies within activereach allows customers to take advantage of the combined solution to make the technology more scalable and optimised.”

Mike Revell, Managing Director, activereach Ltd

activereach Ltd is able to offer the GuardicoreNvidia solution immediately and will be happy to answer your enquiries here or on 0845 625 9025.