Securing Microsoft 365 Environments, Users and Data

The popularity and usage of Microsoft 365 had gradually grown over the last few years, but recently this has increased significantly with the explosion in home working as a result of the pandemic.  This has led many organizations to now consider MS 365 a business-critical application.  As happens to many applications, a rise in usage leads to an increase in interest from threat actors, looking to benefit from any vulnerabilities.

MS 365 is a set of services bundled together, each with its own security configurations and capabilities. Therefore it is vital that security experts now look to ensure the MS 365 is secure.   But this is no easy task, as you need to understand the complexities and interdependencies that are a result of this structure, even to leverage the native security features already available within MS 365.  As businesses grow, the complexity and amount of data that IT and admin teams need to manage also increases, adding further complications for the management of IT security for those using MS 365.

How can you ensure MS 365 environments, users, and data are protected?

A proactive approach is essential.  IT Security specialists need to be able to:

  1. DISCOVER risks that jeopardize the security posture of enterprise SaaS apps taking account of the fact that Microsoft 365 is a cohesive set of unique services with a multitude of different security configurations and capabilities.
  2. PROTECT sensitive data against unauthorized access, loss, and compromise. Utilize Microsoft 365’s native security features and make use of additional policy libraries to set guardrails for system configurations within Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Office apps, and SharePoint.
  3. MONITOR configuration changes, user activity, and access continuously, in an environment that is constantly evolving with the growth of your business.

So is there a tool that can offer this protection?

Having identified the problem, it is now a case of finding the right tool for the job.  AppOmni is a leading provider of advanced SaaS security software. Its patented technology continuously scans APIs, security controls, and configuration settings to compare the current state of enterprise SaaS deployments against best practices and business intent.  It enables security and admin teams to quickly and efficiently discover, protect and monitor.  AppOmni can also verify compliance with a range of regulatory standards such as SOX, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST in MS 365.

With the rise in deployment of MS 365, and the ever-increasing risk of cyber crime, it is essential that organizations ensure that all aspects of the network, however mundane, are secure.

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