RiskIQ’s New Microsite Will Help Battle The Spike in Holiday Shopping Threats

This month we are sharing an article from our new technology partner, RiskIQ.

RiskIQ is a global leader in the Attack Surface Management (ASM) category; providing deep discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital footprint. As we head into the busiest online shopping period in the retail calendar, RiskIQ has launched a smart new microsite that tracks and reports new web hosts and domains that leverage holiday shopping events.

RiskIQ releases Consumer Holiday Shopping Report and Outlook 2020

Last week, RiskIQ released the findings from its Consumer Holiday Shopping Sentiment and Outlook 2020 report. The report explores how consumers plan to allocate their holiday budgets, what effect COVID-19 will have on the way they shop, to what degree they’re aware of threats that come with online shopping, and advice for consumers to protect their data through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond.

RiskIQ surveyed a cross-section of UK shoppers to better understand this season’s threat landscape through the lens of their habits and role in protecting personal information while shopping online.

Key findings include:

● 76% of people will spend the same or more than last year
● 89% of people will spend at least 50% of their budget online
● 24% will shop entirely online with no plans to shop at brick and mortar stores
● 81% of people are mildly to highly concerned about their personal information when shopping online
● 86% of people are concerned over the rise in cybercrime since the start of COVID-19
● 51% of people cite the pandemic as a reason they’ve changed their attitude toward online security

Even considering widespread belt-tightening caused by COVID-19-related job loss, eMarketer projects a 10% fall in overall holiday sales but a 17% rise in ecommerce sales. The firm forecasts that e-commerce sales could rise by as much as 35% due to limited in-store retail options.

Keeping online retailers scam-free through the holiday season

RiskIQ now detects one phishing domain and at least five domain infringement events every minute, with those numbers expected to increase for e-commerce brands as the holiday shopping season continues to ramp up. In response, RiskIQ announced its new Holiday Shopping Microsite, a free, one-stop cybersecurity resource center that tracks and reports new web hosts and domains that leverage holiday shopping events, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week.

The site will serve as an authoritative source of intelligence that security practitioners can use to block and investigate holiday shopping scams as they increase on an unprecedented scale. Already, RiskIQ’s systems have observed 10,727 instances of new holiday shopping infrastructure stood up in advance of Black Friday and Cyber Week since November 1.

Attack Surface Management tool from RiskIQ
Attack surface defenders can track and investigate new domains related to holiday shopping events as they are stood up

Their goal is to help the security community work together to respond to the influx of criminal activity and serve as a powerful resource for keeping organizations safe during the holiday season. The Microsite will help empower the cybersecurity community to continue to battle a massive spike in cyber threats related to COVID-19 compounded with the holiday season.

RiskIQ and activereach join forces to tackle operational and reputation risk

“RiskIQ is best of the breed in the market,” says Mike Revell, Managing Director of activereach Ltd.

“With Digital Footprint, organizations can understand their digital attack surface, expedite investigations, assess risk, and take actions to protect their business, brand, and customers from external threats. That is a significant value add for our customers.”

If you’d like to know more about Attack Surface Management or RiskIQ’s Holiday Shopping Microsite, please call activereach on 0845 625 9025 or contact us here.

RiskIQ Microsite Will Help Battle Holiday Shopping Threats was originally posted by Mike Browning on 18 November, 2020 on the RiskIQ Blog page.