Modernising Your Security Stack for Greater Visibility With Cloud SIEM

Security teams agree their cloud infrastructures generate more security alerts than similar on-prem environments. Legacy security tools and SIEMs weren’t built for this cloud transformation and have resulted in more threat visibility gaps than ever before.  So what can your organization do to defend against this continuously evolving threat landscape?

Take Another Look at SIEM!

Although initially SIEMs were not built to cope with digital transformation at the speed it is currently accelerating, there are SIEM solutions, build with the cloud environment in mind, that can do just that.

Sumo Logic showing Cloud SIEM dashboard
Source: Sumo Logic showing Cloud SIEM dashboard

So how can this new breed of SIEM improve your organization’s security posture?

New Cloud SIEM solutions are modernizing security operations by giving analysts prioritized and contextualized threat data. This eliminates common restrictions caused by legacy technology that impacts a SOC’s efficiency and their ability to mitigate risk. By automating the manual work, security analysts save time and can focus on higher-value security functions.

There are three main areas where these new SIEM solutions really help you:

Pace of Change

The speed at which the threat landscape is evolving is leaving SOC teams unable to keep pace and defend against the volume and sophistication of attacks.

The increase in niche and cross vendor solutions make it difficult for analysts to prioritise the threats they are being alerted to.  A SIEM that is regularly updated with the latest information, from industry experts working to community standards, will enable identification of new threats as soon as possible.

By providing this information in a form that is both prioritised and contextualised, analysts can be more effective by focussing on the most important security tasks.

Volume of Data

With the volume of data growing at a rate beyond our ability to analyse it, the trick is to worker smarter not harder.  Moving security solutions to the cloud means organizations have the flexibility and scalability to keep pace with the rapid growth of machine data being generated, without the need for any on-prem infrastructure.

This vast amount of data has meant the ability to analyse huge volumes has been a game changer for organizations. Some Cloud SIEM solutions can also provide additional global intelligence insights from other organization’s data, allowing comparison with security attacks within the external cybersecurity landscape.

More Entry Points and More Traffic

The move from on-prem to cloud provides malicious actors with many more points of entry that need to be defended.  Sufficient data needs to be collected to enable you to identify cyber events across all areas of IT infrastructure.

Your SIEM solution needs to manage traditional Windows infrastructure as well as Azure, AWS, and GCP.  Traffic between systems with open-source network analytics solutions needs to be thoroughly inspected as solely relying on firewall logs for network visibility can leave critical blind spots.

What this offers is a new observability that helps modern security practitioners find the pertinent information before a breach occurs.

If you’re looking to modernize your security stack for greater visibility and reduce your time to detection and response talk to us about what Cloud SIEM can do for you. Call activereach on 0845 625 9025 or contact us here.