Make your Endpoint Protection work smarter not harder with SOAR

When we hear the term ‘Endpoint Security’ we often think of making sure your organization is protected from malicious actors and cyberattacks attacking via an endpoint. This involves making sure that all the access points into an organization’s critical systems and physical devices are protected from unauthorized access to prevent damage to the rest of the network.

Dealing with the data

But lots of endpoints means there are lots of points of entry into critical systems which in turn means lots of alerts that the security team have to deal with. Within an organization, there can be thousands of endpoints, each creating a number of alarms linked to potential threats. Analysts can be over-worked investigating each of these cases as they can be hugely time-consuming and ineffective.

Most organizations rely on faulty alert management processes to decide whether or not a potential threat should be investigated. This can lead to a false sense of security and can make a breach much more likely if the wrong alerts are being investigated.  And the additional time taken to identify when a genuine breach needs to be investigated can increase the mean time to resolution which increases the risk of a breach.

What is the answer?

SOARThe solution to this problem is Security Orchestration, Automation and Response or SOAR. SOAR platforms can empower security operations teams (SOC teams) to improve not just endpoint protection, but also the rest of an organization’s security by using automation, orchestration and incident response capabilities.

A SOAR platform can speed up the mean time to resolution – helping enterprises centralize security data for a granular view of their security threat landscape.

SOAR can automate the incident response process for specific endpoint security alerts by triggering pre-determined actions without the need for human involvement. An example of this could be if an endpoint security alert comes through, the data of that alert is cross-referenced with external threat intelligence sources. From here, the SOAR platform can decide whether or not it is a new security threat, a known security threat or a false positive. The SOAR platform can then complete actions of endpoint detection and response (EDR) – finding all affected endpoints and isolating them to kill the threat.

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