Grey outlook for cloud security

Sharon Holland

Gartner’s latest report, Managing Privileged Access in Cloud Infrastructure, estimates that within the next 3 years, three-quarters of security incidents in the cloud will involve mismanagement of identities, access and privilege.  This equates to a 50% increase and will make it the number one reason for cloud security failures.

As businesses move more and more data and services to the cloud, protecting cloud infrastructure is vital. The report advocates the deployment of tools which will enable effective management of cloud infrastructure access, and suggest opting for specialized cloud infrastructure access management tools with management of entitlement as their “primary focus.”

Whilst organizations are constantly trying to improve security it seems that not a week goes by without another high profile data breach – some figures say up to 80% of businesses have suffered a cloud data breach in the last 18 months.  This same percentage of businesses (80%) are also unable to identify excessive access to sensitive data in IaaS and PaaS environments.  This poses a massive risk to data security.

With the ongoing increase in services being added within an organization, it is now getting impossible to keep up to date with all the changes being made, and manual methods for determining privilege access are just not feasible or scalable. Businesses must move to a more identity-centric view of their cloud infrastructure entitlements. It is also likely there will be a move to more AI and machine learning to help in determining whether privileges assigned are dormant or improperly used.

Covid-19 has no doubt had some part to play in escalating this even further, by rapidly increasing the number of people remotely accessing your data.  This makes it more important than ever to focus on your cybersecurity.

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