Bouncing Back To Business After A Brief Break

Life is busy, and the activereach team know all about hard work… but it is important to occasionally throw aside the responsibilities that keep us grounded, and embark on a memorable adventure which has no ties to your life. Of course, as I am referring to a team-spirited bungee jump outing, the ties I refer to are figurative – we were most definitely safely harnessed by the very professional UK Bungee Club team before our leaps of faith.

The weather was intermittent, and we enjoyed spells of rain and shine on the day. Technical Support Engineer, John Baldock, was the first to go – being the only member of the team to have been crazy enough to do this a few times before, he would demonstrate the correct manner in which one should hurl oneself into a death-defying drop.

“A backwards jump is the way to impress the onlookers.”

Elegant, relaxed, and graceful.

And now we observe our next brave soul: Matthew Bilsland, of sales and marketing. He nervously prepared himself, clearly regretting the snap decision he made when he agreed to partake. However, he did us all proud as he launched himself into the abyss.

“Thank goodness this is almost over, my activereach initiation is surely over now?”

Ben Jones, Technical Support Engineer, who had come to enjoy witnessing the events, looked on with impressed bemusement.

“I am almost thankful for my chronic back pains right now, the perfect excuse to back out of doing this.”

While a relieved Matt shakily got his feet back onto solid ground, Account Manager Denis Kelleher mentally prepared himself. He did quite well to mask his dread, as he eased himself to the platform edge…

“Curry last night was probably a bad idea.”

As Denis takes the plunge, we can all hold our heads up high and marvel at our own courage as we look to the nearest bar for a well deserved drink.

“What in the world did I just do?”

A successful day of bonding and camaraderie… now, back to work.