All Pumped Up After Our Virtual Coffee Masterclass

Lorna Fimia

On 29th April 2021 activereach was pleased to co-host, with SaaS Security Specialists AppOmni, a Coffee Tasting Masterclass – virtually of course!

Hosted online, over 30 InfoSec specialists from businesses of various sizes and industries joined us to discover great coffee as well as insights from recent research on the SaaS security market. It was the ideal forum to discuss how companies should prioritize securing SaaS in 2021.

coffee tasting kitCoffee tasting is a full sensory experience, so we made sure all attendees were sent a personal coffee tasting kit to enable them to get the most from the masterclass.

Master RoasterOur Master Roaster and Barista, Michael Palliser, took us through five different coffees of distinct origin, sharing his tips and tricks on brewing, and tasting notes to get the most out of every cup of coffee.  Throughout the event Michael provided a fascinating insight into the world of coffee.  Did you know for example that a Dark Roast Coffee actually has less caffeine than a Light Roast Coffee, even though the taste is distinctly heavier and more bitter?

Coffee tasting is indeed a not so fine art – slurping and spitting is permitted! I am sure everyone left with a new appreciation of coffee and ready to put their now-found knowledge to the test.

We were pleased to get some great reviews about the session from our customers:

“Great experience” – TD

“Knowledgeable and likeable delivery” – GP

“Made a nice change from the other tasting session I have been on” – MW

“Interesting and professional event setup” – KV

After presenting their latest research on the SaaS security market, AppOmni showcased the AppOmni SaaS Security Platform – a powerful suite of tools to manage security posture and risk across your business-critical SaaS applications.

The event provided us with the opportunity to discuss best practice for protecting critical data going into SaaS applications and share experiences with colleagues and peers.

Lorna Fimia, Marketing Manager at activereach sums up the day:

“It was fantastic to be joined by such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable InfoSec audience – not only with regards to coffee! We discussed how third-party apps can compromise the security of SaaS applications.  In a typical enterprise, approximately half of these applications are connected directly by end-users – opening hidden pathways into an organization’s most sensitive data.

These cloud-to-cloud connections exist outside the firewall and cannot be detected by traditional scanning and monitoring tools, so it is a massive security blind spot for most businesses. The AppOmni solution provides visibility into those 3rd party applications that are already connected to your cloud applications – just great for security teams.”

And with all that coffee I think everyone was looking forward to a very productive afternoon. Many thanks to Brandon Romisher of AppOmni and Keith Archer of activereach Ltd for hosting the experience – and pumping us with caffeine!

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