activereach Shakes up SaaS Market with New Monthly Payment Plans

Now, more than ever, businesses are keeping an eye on every penny they spend.  Whilst savings can be made by shelving or reducing the projects this not how businesses want to proceed.  To help businesses continue to invest in IT without significantly impacting their cash flow activereach is launching a pioneering new programme, activeFINANCE, enabling businesses to spread the cost of 1, 3 and 5-year licences via a monthly or quarterly payment plan.

Mike Revell, Managing Director of activereach explains “Customers are often keen to get started on a project only to find that budget was the stumbling block.  So I had already started looking for a solution for this when COVID struck.  The additional costs caused by COVID, coupled with the drop in revenue for many businesses, significantly increased the need for a way to enable IT investment but without the upfront costs.”

Of course a project is not just about the cost of the software, so this programme allows you to roll in costs of upgrades, renewals, support, consultancy and even hardware into one easy regular payment.  So the services you use over the life of the project, are paid for over the life of the project.

As well as spreading these costs, VAT payments can also be spread over the length of the project, releasing capital to be deployed elsewhere. Repayments, including any interest, are 100% tax deductible making this a highly tax efficient arrangement.

Mike adds “Payment plans are a tax efficient way to help you accelerate projects, enhance business results and boost your ability and we believe we are the first cybersecurity company to be able to offer this unique way to pay for projects without breaking the bank.  We look forward to enabling lots of organisations to be able to proceed with projects that they might have had to delay or cancel.”

Still paying upfront for a service that delivers value over time?  Contact us or call us on 0845 625 9025 to accelerate projects with flexible, tax efficient activeFINANCE™ payment plans.