activereach and eSentire Lunch and Learn Event: A Fresh Eye on Cybersecurity 2020

This month we are sharing a blog from our partner eSentire who co-hosted our recent ‘A Fresh Eye on Cybersecurity 2020’ event.

On February 27, eSentire co-hosted a London lunch and learn event, “A Fresh Eye on Cybersecurity 2020” with our partner activereach. Approximately 30 IT decision-makers from businesses of various sizes and industry segments joined us for an in-depth discussion on evolving technologies and the cybersecurity landscape.

A recurrent discussion theme was that a modern approach to cybersecurity protection is about mitigating risk created by a perfect storm of concurrent macro trends, such as:

  • The disappearance of the established view of the security perimeter through digital transformation
  • The real importance of good security hygiene, but the limitations of traditional preventative security controls
  • The exploitation of these controls by a modern adversary that is increasingly well organized, well-funded and more sophisticated
  • The responsibility and accountability that organizations have in regard to safeguarding their customer or employee data, managing their supply chains effectively and adhering to regulatory obligations or codes of conduct
  • The skills gap shortage for in-house resources to manage all the above on time and budget

The best part of working in the security industry today is bringing individuals together from various who often have differing challenges, approaches and levels of maturity in a safe-harbor environment to discuss, share and learn from each other. Following lunch, the “Fresh Eye” theme continued with a private pod tour, more camaraderie and spectacular views from the London Eye.

We were happy to get some amazing reviews from our attendees:

“What a fantastic day! Well-presented and thought out event and what a treat to go on the Eye.” – UK Building Society participant

“The event provided a great overview of what you did and some really useful takeaways. It didn’t seem like marketing!” – Online Education Provider

“Thank you for the invite. It was a most enjoyable day.” – UK Financial Services

eSentire in the UK
activereach is one of our leading channel partners in the UK because our respective offerings are a natural combination … providing end-to-end security for businesses from active prevention (activereach’s portfolio of IT and security solutions) to breach response (through eSentire’s Managed Detection and Response). This natural combination extends to our similar technology partners in CrowdStrike and Sumo Logic, providing a more seamless experience for our customers.

Active prevention is crucial. Do you have plans for regular vulnerability assessments and security testing/attack simulation? Do you have the correct tools in place for adequate security hygiene, such as automated patching, email security or a Web Application Firewall deployed? Can you manage your tools effectively?

Breach response is critical and complementary to active prevention. Thirty-two percent of businesses recorded breaches or attacks in the UK resulting in a negative outcome, such as a loss of data or assets. The average mean time to identify (MTTI) an attack in the U.K. is 171 days and the meantime to contain (MTTC) is 72 days at an average cost of £3M. If an adversary breaks through the modern perimeter, how long will it take you to respond to contain, isolate and remediate that threat before it damages your business? At eSentire, we pride ourselves on our promise as the last line of defense for our customers. Our Security Operations Centres (SOCs) average 35 seconds to initial response of an attack and 20 minutes for containment.

This blog was first published on the eSentire Blog on 10th March 2020.

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