Pete Crocker
- Systems Engineer, Cumulus Networks

Pete Crocker is a UK-based systems engineer for Cumulus Networks, a provider of open networking solutions for the data center. Previously a network engineer himself, he’s been working with many of the largest European service providers, financials and enterprise customers since the turn of the millennium.
Technical Expertise:
• Network automation: CI/CD workflows and tools, Ansible, intent-based networking
• Data centre networking: EVPN and VxLAN
• Large-scale IP/MPLS network architecture, design, planning & technologies: IS-IS, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, RSVP-TE, Segment Routing
• Traffic engineering, multi-layer network modelling, planning and network optimisation
• Capacity and resource management
• UNIX systems administration, automation, and VM environments

Pete Crocker

Ash Hussain
- Sales Director, activereach

Ash Hussain, started in IT in 1995, having studied Economics at University and having been set initially for a career in accountancy.

Heading up Sales and Marketing for a reseller called Axial Systems Ltd, as a specialist in Network Management and Troubleshooting. After becoming CEO I secured a Management buyout with a VC, and Axial Systems became the largest independent Reseller in the Network Management sector. This was followed by move to Flow Communications, a more generalist reseller, as Sales and Marketing Director.

Joining activereach in 2019 as Sales Director, gave me the opportunity to work with a senior management team that had a clear client-centric perspective, delivering highly complex and sophisticated solutions to some of the most complex global organizations and helping them secure their networks whilst ensuring they could still remain operational and delivering to their clients even under a cyberattack.