Key Topics

Manage the switch like a server with network automation

As companies consider adopting a cloud environment, web-scale principles like efficiency, scalability and intelligent software become increasingly more important. Network automation is one of the key components of this model, limiting resource demand, mitigating errors and helping operators manage more switches. With Linux-based switches, existing automation tools and DevOps practices can be leveraged in networking, also commonly known as NetDevOps.

The very automation tools that have been serving the compute world for years are now being extended into the networking world. You can automate the complete operational life cycle of network devices from configuration and provisioning, to policy-based change management.

So what’s this all mean to you?¬†Cumulus Linux¬†is built for agility. By standardizing your entire data center on a consistent Linux operating model, network automation is flexible, scalable and easier than ever.

Leverage existing automation tools and knowledge

Cumulus Networks allows users to leverage existing automation tools, reduce manual implementation and execute configuration that results in increased network stability and uptime. This is done by preventing inconsistencies and misconfigurations driven by inflexible or proprietary vendor systems.

Adopting web-scale methodology with network automation

Cumulus Networks enables a consistent experience between the network and compute, driving the promise of web-scale networking and increasing collaboration and innovation. Reduce costs by automating your network and delivering applications with higher SLAs and vastly reduced deployment times.