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Infection Monkey is an open source breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform that allows organizations to discover security gaps and fix them.  The environment is vendor agnostic and supports both public and private clouds.  This Guardicore solution provides a simpler, faster way to provide persistent and consistent security – for any application, in any IT environment. A comprehensive approach to hybrid cloud security, the solution enables you to:


1. Never Trust, Always Verify

Test your network adherence to the Forrester Zero Trust framework (ZTX).


2. Test Your ATT&ACK Before the ATTACK

Simulate an APT attack with real-life ATTACK Techniques and get mitigation recommendations.


3. Simulate a breach, Validate your defenses

Find weaknesses in on-premises and cloud-based data centers.


Find out why Guardicore is the proven choice for customers looking to expand their protection without increasing overhead.

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