Gear Up!

Driving Security Transformation

Join activereach and security partners at the London Rally School for an adrenaline-packed day of infosec knowledge-share and “hands-on” driving experience.

With technology consolidation top of mind, we will show you how integrated solutions from CrowdStrike, eSentire and Netskope can be utilized together to transform security operations.

Thurs 10th November 2022 | 09:30 – 17:30 GMT
London Rally School, Pool Farm, Oxfordshire, OX27 9AJ

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Solution complexity and technological change

IT security teams hoping to defend their organization against an ever-changing and persistent threat landscape do not only need to focus on external challenges – they also have an internal battle on their hands. This internal struggle stems from the pace of technological development and change over recent years, which has left many organizations with extremely complex IT environments and a raft of challenges to deal with if they hope to secure their assets effectively.

Most organizations with mature security solutions grapple with solution complexity and integration challenges. At Gear Up! you will hear from industry experts on:

  • the focus security areas that require modernization;
  • key security team trends that may be holding you back;
  • recommendations for integration best practice to get ahead of modern threats.

Challenges with IT security stack modernization

The increasing use of cloud services, coupled with the ability to access these cloud services from anywhere and from any device, has dissolved the traditional enterprise perimeter. Organizations are increasingly viewing cloud services and endpoints as the most critical control points in their security ecosystems requiring modernisation.

Faced with siloed and non-interoperable tools, limited security staff and overwhelming security solutions, organizations must find ways to modernize their security stacks to future-proof their enterprises.


Simplify operations with effective integration

To get ahead of sophisticated adversaries and meet digital transformation objectives, organizations need to transform their security operations with best-of-breed solutions that are seamlessly interoperable.

At Gear Up!, we will show you how endpoint protection, MDR and SSE solutions from CrowdStrike, eSentire and Netskope can be integrated to deliver optimised results, including:

  • Automated forensic sharing between cloud and endpoint protection solutions
  • Reduction in mean time to detect, respond and prevent
  • Comprehensive visibility and remediation of threats across cloud and endpoints
  • Adaptive access policy for cloud based on endpoint security posture
  • Reduction in operating expenditure cost and resource demands
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