Flexible Payment Solutions

Whether you are renewing, upgrading, or growing your software estate or deploying an entirely new SaaS solution, why not spread the cost? activereach offers flexible payment options and access to the largest funding panel in the UK.

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Accelerate Projects

Payment solutions can help you start and execute projects sooner. Finance your entire solution — hardware, software, SaaS and services – with a monthly or quarterly payment plan.

Enhance Business Results

Flexible payment options can help improve cash flow, unlock tax savings, and enhance Return on Investment (ROI) & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Boost Agility

Payment plans aligned to workload needs can help increase your business agility. Use for upgrades and renewals, including subscriptions & support, to defer cost through payments over time.

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What we Finance

Cloud & SaaS

Spread the cost of your SaaS investment over time – giving you the freedom to choose the technology you want and get it now.


Reduce your upfront payments for software licenses and subscriptions – optimising cash flow over the lifetime of your investment.

Professional Services & Support

Wrap all your project costs into one facility – providing complete funding for your entire expenditure including upgrades, renewals and support.

IT Infrastructure

Pay small fixed amounts at regular intervals reducing the pain of large ad-hoc capital expenditure projects – minimising the impact of depreciating assets.

Key Features

Spread the cost with flexible payment plans

activeFINANCE™ payment plans allow you to spread the cost of 1-, 3- or 5-year Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions across regular monthly or quarterly payments for the full term of the licence. Accelerate projects, conserve cash and budget with confidence.

Match your costs to the return on your investment

With an activereach payment plan, costs are fixed for the entire term, and the VAT is spread too – meaning no large capital outlay. Why pay in full, up-front for assets which typically return their value over time?

Take a strategic approach to your cloud investments

activeFINANCETM allows you to adopt a strategic approach to your software and SaaS costs moving forward. Paying small, fixed amounts on a regular basis removes the pain of ad hoc and often large demands on capital in the future.

Unlock multi-year discounts

If the technology solution provider offers cost savings for longer term license commitments, a smart payment plan allows you to unlock these discounts without the need to pay upfront.

Pain free process

At activereach, our expert finance team manages the whole process for you and provides ethical, transparent documentation.

Not to mention the tax savings

activeFINANCETM agreements are highly tax-efficient. Meaning the repayments, including any interest, are 100% tax deductible. Request a finance proposal to see how much you could save.

How It All Works

activeFINANCE How It All Works

Who Benefits?

Corporate Entities

“Just because we have lots of available capital doesn’t mean we want to deploy it on depreciating assets. Smart payment plans allow me to unlock fantastic tax benefits and use my cash where it can work hard for my business.”

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Public Sector

“By spreading the cost and providing low, affordable payments we deliver the projects we need now. All our stakeholders in education, the health service, local and national government benefit.”

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“We have a duty to our trustees to make our budgets work as hard as possible. Flexible payment plans allow us to do just that and we also get to spread the VAT (which many of us can’t reclaim), unlike using capital where we have to pay it all upfront.”

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“Whether I am looking to invest for growth or retain capital for use elsewhere, a flexible payment solution is a great way to match my costs to the return on my investments. With the capital I save, I can recruit new people to grow my business.”

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activeFINANCETM payment plans are provided through our specialist partner, Bluestone Leasing and are subject to underwriting and full execution of documentation. Bluestone Leasing is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN no. 663701. Bluestone Leasing Limited is a credit broker not a lender. ICO Data Protection Registration no is Z6897676.

This offering does not guarantee that credit will be provided. Activereach Ltd does not, nor intends to, offer or provide accounting, tax or legal advice to clients. Clients should consult with their own financial, tax and legal advisors. Any tax or accounting treatment decisions made by or on behalf of the client are the sole responsibility of the client.