activereach® is a leading technology integrator providing bespoke IT solutions and professional services to customers in the areas of Security and Connectivity. Our independent consultative approach helps organizations maximise business value from their technology investments, providing a platform for businesses to grow, reinvent and transform.

Working in partnership with many of the world’s leading technology vendors and software providers, we offer the most innovative hosted, on-premise and cloud based services. Our consultancy, technology and services have transformed hundreds of businesses across the UK, Europe & Middle East – ranging from FTSE 500 enterprises to corporates and SMEs. Operating across our activeNETWORKS™ and activeDEFENCE™ technology divisions, activereach is headquartered near London, UK.

eSentire, the global leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR), keeps organizations safe from constantly evolving cyberattacks that technology alone cannot prevent. Its 24×7 Security Operations Centres (SOC), staffed by elite security analysts, hunts, investigates and responds in real-time to known and unknown threats before they become business disrupting events. Protecting more than $5.7 trillion AUM in the financial sector alone, eSentire absorbs the complexity of cybersecurity, delivering enterprise-grade protection and the ability to comply with growing regulatory requirements. For more information, visit www.esentire.com and follow @eSentire.

Today’s IT and Security teams require partners who can solve their problems

That is why activereach has paired up with eSentire to offer the most advanced pure-play cybersecurity solution on the market today; Managed Detection and Response™ (MDR).

Our MDR solution keeps businesses like yours safe from cyber-attacks that other technologies miss. eSentire’s 24×7 Security Operations Centres (SOC) are staffed by elite security analysts who hunt, investigate and respond to known and unknown threats in real time. With MDR, you get:

  • 24x7x365 continuous hunting and monitoring
  • Detection of unknown attacks leveraging patterns and behavioral analytics
  • Human-led investigation utilising always on full packet capture, logs and event data
  • Full forensic analysis to confirm threats and eliminate false positives
  • Isolation and communication disruption of the threat on your behalf, with no retainer fee
  • Full remediation support until the threat is eliminated, not just alerting and guidance