eBook: How to Build a DDoS Response Playbook with DDoS Testing

Synopsis: DDoS attacks have become a fact of life for online businesses of all sizes. Organizations that conduct advance DDoS response planning and implement the right DDoS mitigation and testing strategies are far more likely to limit potential damage. This comprehensive ebook outlines best practices for planning and executing a DDoS response plan in conjunction with DDoS Testing.

You will discover:

  1. the real threat of DDoS Attacks;
  2. how to conduct a DDoS risk assessment;
  3. why DDoS testing is so important;
  4. what a typical DDoS test involves;
  5. how to build a DDoS test plan template
  6. how to prepare a DDoS incident response plan.

About the author: Max Pritchard is a network pre-sales consultant who has been designing secure business networks for 20 years with network integrators, ISPs and Telcos. He now works as a pre-sales consultant for activereach – helping UK businesses make sense of DDoS threats, designing, implementing and testing DDoS mitigation solutions.


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DDoS Testing Services

The activeDEFENCE DDoS Testing platform provides organisations at risk of attack with a real-time, controlled DDoS attack simulation. The impact of a DDoS attack is far-reaching and can paralyze a business‘ operation with significant loss in revenues and company reputation. There is only one solution to mitigate these type of threats and that is realistic DDoS testing.

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