changing your SSL certificate on an Oracle Dyn Web Application Security (formerly Zenedge) WAF platform

From time to time, the SSL certificates you have applied to HTTPS protected sites on the Zenedge portal will expire.

In the screenshot above, the customer has two Web Apps. One is shown with a black padlock – this is a valid SSL certificate. But one if shown with a red padlock and expanding the view may that the SSL certificate has expired (a padlock can be shown in red if it has been self-signed).

When this happens you must obtain a new certificate and upload it to the Zenedge portal, and then apply it to the affected Web App(s). activereach can do the upload for you but generally it is not best practice to allow your company SSL certificates to be administered by any 3rd party, even one as trustworthy as activereach!

When viewing the Web App, select the Settings / HTTPS Support link as shown below:

Click on the “+ Add SSL Certificate” button and add the relevant parts of the PEM formatted SSL certificate from your locally saved copy. You will be asked to give it a meaningful name. Once it has been uploaded you will be able to select it from the dropdown box and apply it to the affected Web App.

You must ensure that the certificate you use includes all the intermediate certificates or it will be rejected by the Zenedge platform – if you use Digicert certificates they published details at on how to extract all the certificates in the chain.