AppOmni SaaS Security Risk Assessment

SaaS applications are fast becoming the primary way to deploy enterprise workloads and many businesses face the challenge of understanding and managing the growing number of SaaS risks that could negatively impact their company.

AppOmni is a critical SaaS application security and automation solution that makes it easy for enterprise security and IT teams to secure business critical SaaS environments – from each application vendor to every end-user.  It is the only SaaS management and security platform that provides unprecedented data access visibility, management and security of your SaaS environment. AppOmni risk assessment provides insights and visibility not previously possible:

  • Publicly exposed confidential data
  • Publicly exposed internal data
  • Customers and other users with over-privileged access
  • Data with limited or no restrictions
  • Admin users/roles with excessive access

Deployment is easy and you get instant visibility of your SaaS risks. Flexible and proactive enforcement policies provide you with the capabilities to centrally define, enforce, and verify compliance, configuration, and security policies and rules across your SaaS ecosystem.

AppOmni provides actionable cross-cloud alerts provide comprehensive SaaS detection capabilities to your existing SecOps teams.

Gartner’s research suggests that by 2025 at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. Don’t let your organization be part of this statistic.

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