Altering a Web App on the Oracle Dyn Web Application Security service (formerly Zenedge) Portal

You may make changes to the details of a Web App on the Zenedge portal, whether it is Online or not. Typically these changes might include altering the Origin Servers or weight associated with multiple Origin Servers, creating Alerts, or of course altering the WAF, DDoS, ACL, or Caching Policies.

However if you need to change the definition of a Web App there are restrictions and items to be aware of.

You cannot change the name of a Web App once it has been published on the Zenedge portal. This name could be either a ‘friendly name’ e.g. Corporate Web Portal, or it may have been the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) e.g.

If you need to change the name, we would suggest you recreate the Web App with your new preferred name.

Changes to the Main Domain Name within the Web App again require you to recreate the Web App. If you wish to keep the same Web App name, then you must delete the original. Deletions of Web Apps are shown in the Dashboard list of Web Apps with the trash can icon:

A trash can icon for a deleted Web App

If you change the Main Domain Name beware that the CNAME associated with your Web App will also change, so you must be aware of this for Local Testing and DNS. We can arrange for the CNAME to remain as it was currently defined if you contact us before making any changes.

If you are changing the Main Domain Name because you inadvertently included a ‘www.’ in your Main Domain Name, then you could just switch on Base Redirection within the Settings of the Web App (and alter your DNS):

The Base Domain redirection switch

Deletions have to be pushed to the Zenedge nodes, and this will take around 10 minutes, after which time you can create a Web App with the same name.

Note that once deleted the name of the Web App does NOT appear on the list of the live Web Apps displayed on the Web Apps page. It may continue to be displayed on the Company Dashboard until Zenedge have performed housekeeping maintenance.

If you wish to change any Additional Domains associated with a Web App, this can be done at any time using the Additional domains field on the Settings page for the Web App.

Changes to other values in the Settings area for a Web App can be made at any time, and are sent to the Zenedge edge nodes when you push the Publish button.

You can see the changes waiting to be published for any Web App on the Web App page

Changes waiting to be published on the Web Apps page

and also on the Changes page for the particular Web App:

Changes waiting to be published on the specific Web App page

Push the Publish button on either page to send the changes to the Zenedge nodes.

As shown above, the Changes part of each Web App shows the changes waiting to be published, currently being passed to the Zenedge nodes, and recently published.

For example, here are two changes in the process of being published to the Zenedge nodes:
Changes to a Web App being published now

Changes normally take place within 10 minutes, and then the changes are listed on the ‘Recently published’ page. You can alter the history shown in the ‘Recently published’ page using the normal calendar button in the top right of the page.

Here is a Web App with the changes made in the last 30 days shown:

Recently Published Web App changes in the Zenedge Portal

Please do Local Testing to confirm your changes before you alter your DNS settings if the Web App was not previously Online through the Zenedge portal.