Ransomware is on the up, and the cost of clean-up after extortion has doubled in the last 12 months alone1.  Infrastructure changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have laid bare new and unexpected vulnerabilities.

Whilst there are many security solutions that can help protect your organization against ransomware specifically, this conference will focus on best-in-class security approaches that can be deployed for enhanced speed and precision. From a SecOps perspective, the faster your security team detects and responds to an incident, the shorter the attack window, and the less risk there is of data loss.

1.Report: Ransomware Attacks and the True Cost to Business, Cybereason June 2021

The deployment of ransomware is the endgame of a cyber-attack. Our workshops will showcase how you can accelerate detection and response from the earliest stages of initial intrusion:

  • Extending the scope of detection beyond the firewall
  • Improving real-time knowledge of threats and attackers
  • Prevention of lateral movement and privilege escalation
  • Achieving machine-speed autonomous response

CPE ISC2 credits will be available for the workshops

Technologies showcased are Cyber Threat Intelligence, XDR/EDR, and Micro-Segmentation – a powerful suite of tools to speed up your SecOps