Terms and Finance

It is activereach policy to extend credit lines as deemed appropriate to encourage business with legitimate customers and to implement safeguards which protect its accounts receivable.

Customers who do not have an authorised credit account will be required to pay the full amount with order. Shipment of goods or the provision of services will only be authorised when payment has cleared.

All new customers requiring credit facilities must fully complete a Credit Application Form with a PDF or Excel copy of their latest set of accounts (which may be separately sent to finance@activereach.net if you wish)

The credit application form must be in the name of the customer and state the correct legal status i.e. Limited or PLC Company. All invoices issued will be in the same name.

By signing the credit application form the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of the company (available on request – please email finance@activereach.net).

Payment terms will be determined on the review of the credit application. The payment terms available for credit accounts are 7, 14 or 30 days from the date of invoice, as advised. Invoices are only issued electronically, as PDFs by email.

Payment is preferable by BACS but activereach can also accept cheques, and bank or building society drafts. Cheques should be made payable to activereach Limited.

The credit application approval may take 5-7 working days to finalise. Any enquiries into the status of an application should be addressed to finance@activereach.net


At any time, activereach reserves the right, without disclosure, to reduce or stop the credit facilities with any customer accounts for reasons such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Bad payment history
  • Updated credit references or checks
  • Lack of regular business

activereach may recheck the credit history of a customer at any time.

activereach reserves the right to charge interest on late or scheduled payments.