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RiskIQ is the leader in Attack Surface Management (ASM), providing the most comprehensive discovery, intelligence, and mitigation of threats associated with an organization’s digital presence. With RiskIQ, organizations can understand their digital attack surface, expedite investigations, assess risk, and take actions to protect their business, brand, and customers from external threats.

The company’s Attack Surface Management platform combines advanced internet reconnaissance and analytics to provide unified insight and control for exploits, attacks, and adversaries across web, social, and mobile channels. Beyond superior intelligence, RiskIQ’s SaaS-based solution suite allows different security teams to more efficiently identify, triage, monitor, and resolve exposures outside the firewall—taking advantage of greater collaboration, automation, and integration.

RiskIQ’s solutions are easy to deploy, have broad application, and yield accelerated time to value. As a result, RiskIQ has been chosen by more than 80,000 security analysts and over 300 enterprises around the world.


Leveraging RiskIQ solutions, powered by unmatched Internet-scale data, RiskIQ customers discover unknowns and investigate threats:

  • RiskIQ Digital Footprint®: Continuously discover an inventory of your externally facing digital assets and manage risks associated with your attack surface.
  • RiskIQ JavaScript Threats Module: Identify and remediate malicious JavaScript Injection, whether direct or via a third party service, protecting customer credit card and personal information from skimming exploits.
  • RiskIQ PassiveTotal®: A threat analysis platform that unifies internet data sets, empowering security teams to accelerate the investigation and elimination of threats.
  • RiskIQ External Threats®: Automate the detection, monitoring, and remediation of digital threats posed by malicious actors to your organization, employees, and customers.
  • RiskIQ SIS™ (Security Intelligence Services): Enrich analytics with our internet data sets.
  • RiskIQ Executive Guardian®: Continuously detects sensitive and threatening content across the web related to an organization’s executives.

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activereach is an authorised UK reseller and partner of RiskIQ solutions.

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What our customers say

We were very pleased to use activereach and would not hesitate to use them again. Their implementation of a VPN solution required an understanding of our existing network, remote configuration of our equipment and the creation of a secure VPN.
Their technical understanding of our requirements allowed the work to be done efficiently and on schedule. This meant that we could concentrate on our own core business; secure in the knowledge that the VPN was correctly setup.

Tim Andrews
Network Manager, Fusion Internet Solutions Ltd

Did you know?

In 2017, most malware was JavaScript (37%), then VBS (20%), EXE (15%), MS Office (14%), and PDF (3%)

Source: 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report 11th edition

Solution: We know what forms most malware will take. Do you really need to accept these types of files? What about fileless malware?

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