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Recorded Future has more than 1,500 clients across 66 countries, including the governments of 30 countries, over 50% of the Fortune 100 and 40% of the Forbes Global 100.  Combined with the largest holdings of interlinked threat data sets, this makes Recorded Future the world’s largest intelligence company.

As threats accelerate and converge in the world around us, Recorded Future empowers countries and organizations with the right intelligence at the right time, to keep people and infrastructure safe.  Through powerful integrations, security teams gain access to robust intelligence optimized for use in the tools they already use and rely on. This infusion into existing processes and workflows, empowers teams to respond faster and more confidently to the threats in their environment.

Recorded Future enables faster detection and response times by positioning comprehensive, real-time intelligence from technical, open web, and dark web sources at the center of your security strategy.


The Intelligence Cloud Platform

The Recorded Future Intelligence Cloud uniquely combines persistent data collection, large-scale graph analysis, and the analytical acumen of our global research team to provide the most complete coverage of intelligence across adversaries, their infrastructure, and the organizations they target, empowering business and security leaders to act with speed and confidence.

The Intelligence Graph

The Recorded Future Intelligence Graph has been collecting, structuring, and analyzing threat data from every corner of the internet for over a decade, turning large sums of data into actionable insights. It collects and structures adversary and victim data from text, imagery, and technical sources, and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze and map associations across billions of entities in real-time.

Brand Intelligence

Your brand is your organization’s most valuable asset, driving customer, employee, and partner trust. Recorded Future’s Brand Intelligence arms you with actionable, up-to-the-minute analytical insights to proactively defend against new and emerging threats to your brand, products, employees, executives, and customers.

SecOps Intelligence

The ever-growing number and dynamic nature of threats are causing security operations and incident response teams to see more security alerts each day. Researching thousands of raw data points is often a manual and human-constrained process, overwhelming for even the most seasoned analyst. To help security teams make fast, confident decisions, Recorded Future’s SecOps Intelligence collects data from a comprehensive range of sources, contextualizes it, and feeds meaningful insights directly into security workflows to improve alert triage, threat detection, and threat blocking.

Threat Intelligence

The modern threat landscape is vast, complex, and constantly evolving. The idea that organizations can be fully secured against any and all potential threats has become untenable. Recorded Future’s Threat Intelligence provides a window into the world of your adversary so you can identify, prioritize, and monitor the relevant threats to your organization.

Attack Surface Intelligence

Proactive attack surface management is critical as organizations face an expanding threat landscape and unprecedented level of attacks. Recorded Future’s Attack Surface Intelligence shines a light on attack surface blind spots by providing an outside-in view of an organization and empowering teams to prioritize and mitigate risk across their entire attack surface.

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