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Mission Secure


Mission Secure, a Gartner Cool Vendor and OT cybersecurity leader, is setting a new standard in OT cyber-protection. Delivering military strength, industrial grade operational technology (OT) protection, Mission Secure safeguards industrial control systems (ICS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), distributed control system (DCS), cyber-physical systems (CPS), industrial internet of things (IIoT), and more. With Mission Secure, customers keep critical operations up and running and safe from harm.

The Mission Secure Platform backed by 24/7 expert Managed Services is the first to seamlessly integrate OT visibility, segmentation, protection, threat hunting, and incident response, down to Purdue Levels 1 and 0. Mission Secure is the only vendor in the market to offer this level of OT network protection and process validation.

We stop OT cyber threats head-on.


  • The Mission Secure OT & ICS Platform protects infrastructure as diverse as Airforce Drones to Smart city traffic systems, from Maritime deployments to Energy producers. Mission Secure automates the discovery, visibility, response and protection of ICS & OT assets, provides an analytic driven data stream to client or partner Security Operations Centre, for verification or response.
  • The Mission Secure OT & ICS Platform includes dedicated sensors, console and zero trust OT Firewall solution.
  • Delivered as a SaaS solution, the Mission Secure Platform provides the asset discovery, threat detection, protection and response required to face complex adversaries and attacks.

Vendor Certifications

activereach is an authorised Mission Secure partner.

Request a Demo/Trial

See the Mission Secure Platform in action.

We know your time is valuable and your OT network is unique — to your industry, your company, and your processes. So, we’ll customise a demo to address your specific operations and challenges. See how we can help you:

  • Assess your current OT network environment and cybersecurity posture
  • Visualize what’s connecting to your network and what it’s doing
  • Segment and protect your OT network, to lock it down and stop OT cyber threats
  • Detect any threat and/or potential failure on your most critical processes and assets
  • Manage your OT cybersecurity program 24/7

Let’s protect your OT network and safeguard your operations. To see the Mission Secure platform in action please complete our Demo Request form.

Further Information

Please visit our OT Security solutions page for further information.

What our customers say

As an educational establishment on three sites, with both boarding and day pupils, it is essential that our IT systems provide the users with all that they need across education, marketing, finance, external visitors to the sites and Charity Services.

With such a large demand there has, over time, been inevitable conflicts and ill-feeling created.  activereach have given us the support, knowledge and guidance to improve our structures and systems in order that the user has the best possible service.  Significant progress has been made thanks to the team at activereach.  We are not at the final solution, but a more cohesive team approach is developing.

Ian Mullins
Executive Director of Education & Operations, Licenced Trade Charity

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