Guardicore offers a simpler, faster way to guarantee persistent and consistent security for any application, in any IT environment.

Guardicore is a cloud and data centre security company that protects your organisation’s core assets using flexible, quickly-deployed, and easy to understand segmentation and micro-segmentation controls.


It starts with the map

Complete, context-rich visibility into your traffic wherever it is, mapping communications in the cloud, PaaS, on premises, and between these environments, using a single pane of glass. This visibility allows you to see both the ‘Big Picture’ and also drill down to granular detail. Easily identify segments, group views and list dependencies between applications based on real-time data rather than assumptions.

Flexible policy that follows the workload

A single infrastructure-agnostic tool manages your policy across all your environments, applied anywhere. As each policy is attached to the workloads, when you migrate application, the policy goes with it. Guardicore provides an overlay segmentation solution which means no heavy lifting on infrastructure teams and no need to make changes to the network. Zero downtime, zero application changes, and simple integration into DevOps and you CI/CD frameworks to ensure continuous robust policies with no gaps.

How does it work?

Centra uses a lightweight agent overlay approach, so that customers can benefit from strong policy enforcement for flows (L4), users and even for processes (L7), without compromising on performance. Here’s how it works:

The Guardicore solution provides a simpler, faster way to provide persistent and consistent security – for any application, in any IT environment. A comprehensive approach to hybrid cloud security, Guardicore is the proven choice for customers looking to expand their protection without increasing overhead.

Key Benefits:

  • Any Environment – a single platform for Iaas, PaaS, on premises, VMs, legacy and bare-metal servers.
  • Multiple Use Cases – compliance, network discovery, cloud migration, securing critical assets, data protection, risk reduction and more.
  • Quick to Value – Flexible policy creation that includes automated suggestions, black-lists, white-lists and custom rules.
  • Complementary Controls – Breach detection and incident response goes further than micro-segmentation alone.
  • Proven Solution – Our customers span verticals, such as finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and online service providers

Vendor Certifications

activereach is an authorised Guardicore partner.

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Further Information 

Please visit our micro segmentation solutions page for further information.

What our customers say

As a new network manager to Fred Perry, I asked activereach to assist in our firewall migration work. They did a fantastic job of taking a previously outsourced service with no documentation and significantly improving security, working diligently and late into the evenings.  At all times they kept me in the loop so that I could manage the system afterwards.

Warren Hampton
IT Manager, Fred Perry

Did you know?

activereach runs regular IT networking events to inform and entertain our InfoSec audience

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