Cymulate was founded by an elite team of former IDF intelligence officers and leading cyber researchers who have dedicated their career to empowering organizations worldwide against threats and making advanced cybersecurity as simple and familiar as sending an e-mail.

Today, Cymulate is trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide, including leading healthcare and financial services.


Extended Security Posture Management – XSPM

Breach and Attack Simulation

  • Security Spend – Prioritize spend based on validated risk, evaluate alternatives fast and objectively, measure the improvement.
  • Validation & Optimization – Automated purple teaming to assure security control efficacy against threat evolutions.
  • Risk Based – Vulnerability Management. Prioritize remediation based on attackable vulnerabilities.

Continuous Automated Red Teaming

  • Attack Surface Management – Discover your digital footprint and know where you are exposed.
  • Risk Based Exposure Management – Know the impact of exploitable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and phishing attacks on the organization.
  • Continuous Validation – Validate detection of automated red teaming attack campaigns. Improve and try again.

Pro-Active Purple Teaming

  • Automate Purple Teaming – Craft and launch attack scenarios, auto correlated with security control findings to assess your breach detection and incident response capabilities
  • Security Assurance –  Automate assurance and regression testing to identify and prevent security drift and technology failures
  • Security Posture Management – Uncover systematic weaknesses and fortify protections against ATT&CK techniques deployed by APT groups targeting your industry


The Cymulate platform seamlessly integrates with various security vendors’ solutions, covering:

  • SIEM systems
  • Vulnerability Management Systems
  • EDR Systems
  • Ticketing Systems
  • SOAR and GRC Systems

Mitre Attack

The MITRE ATT&CK® framework is a globally accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world observations. It has systemized the tactics and techniques of adversaries, providing a common taxonomy and reference framework of the cyber-attack kill chain. The ATT&CK knowledge base is used extensively by Cymulate to create meaningful and life-like attack scenarios for its customers to challenge, assess and optimize their security controls, in the production environment.

The ATT&CK Matrix for Enterprise describes the cyber kill chain in 14 threat-actor tactics. The tactics are realized with many techniques and sub-techniques, too many to list here. Furthermore, the implementation of an individual technique can have thousands of variations. For example, to validate email security against spear phishing emails, just one ATT&CK technique, thousands of emails with different attachments and payloads must be created to find the ones that can get in undetected by the email security controls.


Expert-led Security Assurance Program

Attaining the threat-informed defence necessary to improve and maintain your security posture is often deemed unattainable with limited resources and inadequate staffing.

Get a personal AMPLIFY advisor to guide you to use Cymulate to easily:

  • Eliminate blind spots
  • Evaluate and quantify your security resilience
  • Establish a security baseline
  • Rationalize technology, people, and processes
  • And more!

What it includes: Assessment Customisation; Assessment Execution; Review Status and Reports; Drift Monitoring

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What our customers say

As a premium holiday supplier, we absolutely depend on reliable and speedy communication to our clients and partners overseas. We were recommended to ask activereach about improving the bandwidth to our head office, and right from the start they showed that they cared about the level of service they provided to my company. They installed EFM and were able to reuse my existing equipment, liaising with third parties to make sure that everyone was kept in the loop.

The difference in access has been remarkable with frankly little change to my IT budget.

Brian Barton
Managing Director, The Turquoise Holiday Company

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