Cybereason is the champion for today’s cyber defenders providing future-ready attack protection that unifies security from the endpoint, to the enterprise, to everywhere the battle moves. The Cybereason Defense Platform combines the industry’s top-rated detection and response (EDR and XDR), next-gen anti-virus (NGAV), and proactive threat hunting to deliver context-rich analysis of every element of a Malop (malicious operation). The result: defenders can end cyber attacks from endpoints to everywhere. Cybereason is a privately held, international company headquartered in Boston with customers in more than 40 countries.


The Cybereason Defense Platform

The Cybereason Defense Platform moves beyond endless alerting to instead recognize, expose, and end malicious operations before they take hold. The result: Defenders can end attacks in minutes.

A complete solution Cybereason unites with defenders to reverse the adversary advantage. Using one agent, one console, and one team to defend all endpoints, the Cybereason Defense Platform was designed to expose and intercept every Malop (malicious operation). A Malop is not an alert, but a contextualized view of the full narrative of an attack. Only Cybereason provides the actionable intelligence to outthink the adversary, the remediation speed to outpace their operations, and the insights to outthink attackers to end any attack.

The tools your team needs :

  • The Visibility to Outthink Track, visualize, and end malicious operations with the full attack story from root cause across every affected endpoint and user. In hours, Cybereason can be deployed across thousands of endpoints, providing real-time protection without impacting user experience or productivity.
  • The Speed to Outpace Analyze, adapt, and move faster than attackers while eliminating emerging threats in minutes rather than days. For every Malop, it’s easy for your team to see the full attack story and scope, including the root cause, all affected machines and users, incoming and outgoing communications, and the complete timeline of the attack. Whether it’s a commodity attack or targeted threat, you’ll be able to understand the attack and remediate with confidence.
  • The Precision to End Attacks Leverage automated and single-click remediation across the entire network to end attacks and dramatically reduce the need for lengthy analyst investigations. Analysts can execute a full suite of remediation actions from machine isolation and process killing to removing persistence mechanisms, all from within an intuitive point and click interface. Investigation pivots and threat hunting can be executed easily without the need to craft complex queries, allowing Level 1-2 analysts to perform with Level 3 proficiency. Cybereason is the nexus of threat intelligence, enhanced visibility, and the contextual correlations required to ensure a proactive security posture

Endpoint Security

Cybereason provides a unified security approach that enables defenders to correlate threat activity across the entire network to protect every endpoint, fixed or mobile

  • Cybereason Professional Delivers: Predictive Machine Learning – Memory Exploit Prevention – Ransomware Detection Techniques – Behavioral Threat Convictions
  • Cybereason Enterprise Enables Teams To: Automatically Uncover Attacks – Understand The Full Attack Story – Remediate Automatically Or With One-Click
  • Cybereason Ultimate Delivers: Breach Protection Warranty – Power To Stope Advanced Adversaries – Managed Detection And Response
  • Cybereason Managed, Our team will: Eliminate Security Gaps – Proactively Hunt Threats – Managed Detection And Response

Platform Modules

  • Next-Generation Antivirus
    Move beyond the limitations of traditional antivirus with multi-layered, intelligence-based, deception, behavioural analytics and machine learning prevention capabilities.
  • Endpoint Controls
    Cover security requirements and address compliance needs with controls tied to different types of devices, implement personal firewall policies, and enforce disk encryption.
  • Anti-Ransomware
    End disruptive ransomware attacks including known and never before seen strains.
  • Endpoint Detection And Response 
    With Cybereason EDR, defenders can stop chasing alerts and instead end malicious operations before they take hold.
  • Extended Detection And Response (XDR)
    Unified detection and response capabilities that help you find and end Malops (malicious operations) across the entire IT stack including endpoint, network and cloud deployments.
  • Threat Hunting
    The Cybereason Defense Platform empowers defenders to proactively hunt out the adversary and uncover even the most complex attacks.
  • Mobile Threat Defense
    Protect your increasingly distributed perimeter by connecting both mobile and traditional endpoint risks into a single and complete view of a malicious operation.
  • Threat Intelligence
    Evolve faster than the adversary with actionable threat intelligence to detect and end complex threats.

Vendor Certifications

activereach is an authorised Cybereason partner.

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They have continued to be responsive when supporting our business, coming to me with other opportunities to save costs, streamline operations and improve service for our associated clients. I am delighted to have made a switch to them as a supplier.

David Shepherd
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