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ApplianSys is a UK-based server appliance specialist that designs, builds and markets a range of network appliances.


Solutions include DNSBOX (DDI appliances), CACHEBOX (Caching appliances) and EDUGATEBOX (Multi-functional appliances including routers, firewalls and caching in a single unit for school networks).

Vendor Certifications

activereach is an authorised reseller of ApplianSys solutions.

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To request a trial or demo on ApplianSys solutions please complete our Demo Request form.

Further Information

Please visit our solutions pages on DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) for further information.

What our customers say

Just wanted to express my praise on a great job done with Liverpool. Everything went off with basically no issues which makes the refit so much easier.

Leagues ahead of xxxxxxx!

Dominic Colyer
IT Support Technician, Fred Perry

Did you know?

In 27% of phishing incidents, users of Microsoft Office 365 were targeted. A Sharepoint file was offered to a user, behind which was a fraudulent OneDrive login designed to harvest the user’s credentials.

Source: IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2019

Solution: Risks to user credentials increase greatly when moving from on-premise applications to cloud applications. Adoption of single-sign on, IAM, PAM, and multi-factor authentication services will address risks of credential compromise and misuse.

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