DDoS attack emergency?

What our customers say

Our support costs were reduced by moving to activereach and we are getting more attention than we were with our previous supplier. activereach have helped us implement a number of simple changes that have greatly improved the visibility of our own network.

Simon Chappell

Group IT Director, Time Out Group Ltd.

Did you know?

A DDoS attack in Q3 2015 reached 222Mpps (Million packets per second)

Source: Akamai State of the Internet Security report Q3 2015

Solution: It's not just traffic volume that can hurt during a DDoS attack. The sheer number of packets hitting your equipment can bring it down, even if your connection is big enough to cope. Talk to activereach about how to deal with all types of DDoS attack - or let us do a DDoS attack test to see if your mitigation can cope.

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