DDoS attack emergency?

What our customers say

As a service provider, our network has to run 24 hours a day, every day, and that means we need reliable equipment and rock-solid support. activereach has provided us both – helping us to provide excellent service to our customers by working with our 3rd line engineers to iron out any bugs and plan the changes we make to the network infrastructure.

Erik Carlson
Director, Cerberus Networks

Did you know?

14% of companies hit by DDoS reported simultaneous insertion or activation of malware and 7% reported theft of customer data

Source: Neustar US DDoS Report 2015

Solution: DDoS can distract security teams from other threats to company data assets. A DDoS test programme from activereach can help to tune your defences and train your staff to deal with DDoS attacks more easily - allowing them to focus on data theft.

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