DDoS attack emergency?

What our customers say

We learnt a huge amount as a result of doing the DDoS test simulation. It was better doing this in a controlled manner instead of waiting until we are hit for real. We now understand a lot more about our systems and our people have gained useful experience, which has only improved our readiness for a real attack.

We certainly see the real value of doing this on a regular basis in a similar way to testing our fire alarm system so that people and systems operate under real scenarios efficiently.

Mark Dawson
Head of Service Assurance, British Library

Did you know?

Since Q4 2016 there has been a 10% rise in total Web Application Attacks, most prominently in the form of SQLi attacks.

Source: Akamai State of the Internet Security Report Q4 2017

Solution: When it comes to preventing Web Application Attacks, activereach provides a vendor-neutral approach to WAF services. This allows us to understand your organisation and its requirements before recommending the solution we feel best suits you.

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