Agenda at a glance


Brandon Romisher, VP EMEA
Keith Archer, Commercial Director, activereach
9:05Virtual Coffee Tasting Masterclass*

• The Story of Coffee From Bean To Cup

• Finest Coffee Tasting "Cupping" Experience

• Barista-Led Coffee Brewing Demonstration

Michael Palliser, Master Roaster, Stokes Coffee
9:45AppOmni: An AppSec Approach to SaaS Security

• Why Continuous SaaS Scanning is Needed

• Common SaaS Vulnerabilities

• Simplifying SaaS Security

Brandon Romisher, VP EMEA
10:05Live Q&A

Opportunity to quiz the hosts and engage in discussion
10:15Event Closes

Enjoy the rest of your coffee-powered day

*Participation in the Coffee Experience is entirely optional but we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Note that participants in the coffee masterclass will be sent an AeroPress and step-by-step demo video as a follow up to the tasting session so you can hone your newly learned brewing skills at home.